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What isaac learned


Isaac hates average and has paid a price to be more than a typical person living a mundane life. Though he isn’t a bad man, he has trapped himself with shallow people where trust and faith are worthless commodities in his world. Feisty, life-loving Aunt May is his only solace and when she asks Isaac to take in 16-year old Mika, he agrees, hoping his lonely life can somehow be fixed. But Isaac curses himself the minute he meets Mika as the out-of-control teen drags him into chaos that eventually claims a young life. In a fury of events, people around Isaac show him a world that is compassionate and with heart. But as he begins to realize there is another side to Mika, he discovers Aunt May is in fact deathly ill. With time running out, she gives Isaac one last lesson of how precious life is by admitting to a secret involving a shameful past that has tormented her for years. With Aunt May now gone, Isaac’s journey takes him on a path filled with rugged terrain that is sometimes joyous and other times tragic. He begins to see life differently and is forced to make a choice at a crossroads that will either completely transform the man or drag him back to the grim world he once came from. If he is strong enough, he could gain a second chance and realize that if there is the will to learn, sometimes the most ordinary lessons can help a man make an extraordinary life.